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Attic/Loft Rafter Level

Another popular application for Sheep Wool Insulation is between the sloping timbers (rafters) in the roofspace. This is a common aproach when insulating dormer bungalows, storey and a half houses, vaulted or cathedral ceilings and attic conversions.

It is a particularly important element to insulate well as it can account for up to 35% of heat loss from a building and is typically the weakest line of thermal defense in all such house types.

To maximise the performance of insulation at ceiling level, a significant thickness is required. This may require installation using a number of layers. A 25-50mm ventilation gap may be required if the roof has a non-breathing or no membrane installed. In houses with shallow rafters, this might mean adding additional counter rafters to meet requirements. Although this may mean additional effort at the time of installation, it offers a significant long term energy saving advantage.

Premium insulation rolls are suitable for this application as they can be installed in the sloping rafter and stapled into place. For the purpose of these calculations, Premium has been used.

The images below show some examples of this type of application:

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