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Eco-Economiser Cylinder Jacket 36" x 18"
Eco-Economiser Cylinder Jacket 36" x 18"

Sheep Wool Insulation's latest energy saving product, the Eco-Economiser will minimise heat loss from domestic hot water tanks and save you money for years to come. Our cylinder jackets also ensure you no longer need to worry about potentially harmful glass fiber particles settling on your clothes, towels and sheets.

Available in three different sizes to suit standard tank dimensions, our cylinder jackets comprise of four natural cotton panels filled with pure new sheep's wool, two securing straps and a tie cord. The panels are pre-fitted with brass eyelets to ease installation and ensure a tight fit.

So install an Eco-Economiser in your hot press and save energy, save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Size: 36" x 18" (900mm x 450mm) - 35 Gallon (136 Litre)

Installation Instructions:
  • Position the panels vertically around the cylinder, eyelets to the top, so that the connecting pipework passes through the gaps between them.
  • Pass the supplied cord through the eyelets and tie off so that the panels fully cover the top of the cylinder.
  • Use the two straps to secure the panels in the final position. Note that the panels insulate more effectively if they are not compressed, so do not over-tighten the straps.
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Price: 51.99 (62.39 Inc. VAT)
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