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LUP Actiroll Vapour Check (75m)
LUP Actiroll Vapour Check (75m)

o Product Description
LUP Actiroll is a breathable vapour check used to ensure an internal airtight seal. Actiroll is part of the LUP airtight system for controlling airflow in a building. Airtight systems maximise the thermal efficiency of insulation in buildings by removing leaks which lead to heat loss. Actiroll is used in conjuction with LUP tapes and glues as illustrated below.

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o Installation Instructions
  • The laying of LUP Actiroll is carried out horizontal to the rafter without sagging and with slight tension
  • The overlap between layers must be a minimum of 10cm
  • LUP Actiroll must be sealed where overlapping, service penetration and connection to masonry/timber occurs
  • The product must be stored and installed in a clean and dry environment

    o Technical Data




    Breathable PP - Membrane


    100 g/m²

    Tear Strength

    >300 N/50mm



    Water Vapour Permeability

    13 g/(m²d)

    Sd Value


    Fire Behaviour


    Temp Application

    -40°C to 100°C

    Area Per Roll

    1.5m x 50m = 75m²

    EAN Code


    EU Directive


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    Price: 160.00 (192.00 Inc. VAT)

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