Wool Insulation products by Sheep Wool Insulation - Natural, Economical and Safe.
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Natural Insulation for your construction, superior thermal and acoustic performance.
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I am a Professional

Hundreds of architects and other professionals are now specifying natural materials in their building projects, and you cannot get more natural than Sheep Wool Insulation. For sustainable architecture, Sheep Wool Insulation is the best insulation product on the market. Compared with other forms of insulation, wool insulation is the green way to insulate. Think of it as nature's thermostat: it keeps a building up to 4C warmer in cool weather and up to 7C cooler in warm weather.

For creative projects

Sheep Wool Insulation is ideal to use in your more creative projects, particularly where your clients want to:

• Use natural products for a green build
• Gain the longer-term cost benefits of energy efficient materials
• Have a higher Building Energy Rating
• Add market value to their property

Major international studies such as the "Green Value" report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors show clear links between green buildings and their market value.

Eco-friendly materials

Sheep Wool Insulation ticks all the right boxes in terms of building materials that have low embodied energy and are:

• CFC and HCFC free
• Non-toxic
• From sustainable sources
• Sourced locally

Wool and moisture

Wool fibres are hygroscopic, absorbing and releasing moisture without reducing thermal performance. The fibres are breathable, with a moisture weight content of up to 35%, depending on the relative humidity of the surroundings. While absorbing this moisture, the wool releases energy in the form of heat, raising the temperature of surrounding areas. In warmer weather the process is reversed – as the wool releases this moisture it creates a cooling effect.


Sheep Wool Insulation is certified as the highest performing fibrous insulation, maximising energy efficiency. Full testing and certification is carried out on all our products to ensure compliance with building regulations and to give you the confidence to make the best choice.

A flexible product

Sheep Wool Insulation is a flexible product – literally. It is quick and easy to work with, following the shape of the rafters, studs and joists for a tight fit. You can fit Sheep Wool Insulation anywhere – from external or internal walls, under timber or concrete floors to the attic/loft or between the rafters. The rolls come in a wide variety of lengths and depths, and can be supplied to tailored measurements on request. Sheep Wool Insulation is also ideal for refurbishments and restoration projects. Your team can roll it over the existing insulation instead of having to remove hazardous material.

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